Spreading your gospel: five killer tips to grow a blog’s audience


Are you looking to leave your mark on the blogosphere while building an audience of die-hard fans?

Whether you’re an organization hoping to promote your brand or an individual wanting to connect with like-minded individuals blogging is a great way to further your goals. From the opportunity to share insights to the two-way conversation that ideally ensues, it’s a powerful tool.

While engaging posts filled with valuable, audience-centric content are essential to growing your community, one of the biggest challenges these days is making sure your key audience sees it. Back in the early days, when blogging was in its infancy, the “build it and they will come” approach often worked, primarily because competition was minimal. Bloggers weren’t like smart phones; they weren’t everywhere and in that relatively quiet environment being heard was easier. You weren’t competing against a din of voices.

But now with more than 181 million blogs worldwide competition is intense. Connecting with an audience is kind of like being in a jam-packed stadium and trying to get someone’s attention on the other side. It ain’t easy and requires more than crossing your fingers and hoping it happens. Spreading your gospel requires a well-developed strategy and killer tactics, well-chosen tools, that will help you to connect with and build your audience. They’re your megaphone and without them, even the tightest, most-riveting post may go unnoticed.

With 25 posts under my belt (including this one) and a group of followers that includes a few non-family members (joking – my family doesn’t read blogs ☺) I’m ready to expand my following. To find the best ways to increase a blog’s audience, I’ve gone to the experts, seasoned pros who know from experience which tools are the most effective. These five relatively simple strategies are going to – so I hope – add some serious decibels to my volume. To keep it all manageable, I’ll incorporate one new tactic each week for the next five. So tune in weekly for a new tip on how to increase blog traffic.

Here is the first killer tip to increase your blog audience.

1. Publish, promote and re-promote: Social media’s ear-piercing racket – from tweets to snap-chats to pinterest alerts – makes it easy for a post to be missed or forgotten. Re-publicizing those communications via your social media channels not only makes sense, it’s often essential. Gini Deitrich of Spin Sucks fame says their formula is to tweet a new post four times the first day it’s posted. On day two it’s tweeted twice and on day three it’s tweeted once. Garrett Moon in a KissMetrics post says the same; share more than once or it may be missed by your audience.  While spamming isn’t cool and can jeopardize relationships with key connections – be sure to respect your audience – making sure a post reaches its audience is important. Determine whether re-publicizing works for you and then decide the time frame and social media platform(s) that make sense for your goals, content and audience.

If using Twitter, instead of re-using the same tweet consider pitching the post by tweeting a fact, posing a question, or quoting the author along with the link. Doing so will help it stand out while piquing people’s interests. VerveSearch has some awesome examples of how to do this. Check them out.

Do you promote your blogs more than once? Do you have a favourite audience growth tactic? I’d love to hear from you so let me know what you’re doing and what works.

Posted by Alison Cook

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  1. Jane Somerville says:

    Would love to post this to linkedin…. any chance you can add the linkedin sharing icon?

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