Quick and easy last minute tips for an awesome Easter celebration

Are you in a mad panic, like I am, prepping for Easter? Getting organized and crushing these highly anticipated events isn’t always easy. Life’s busy, frantic crazy sic all of the above pace means sometimes these occasions sneak up on us.

Especially when the date moves around. Is there anyway they could stop doing that?

If it makes you feel any better, I haven’t had much time (who does, right?) to lay out the plan, or even the menu for that matter. In fact, the first order of business for me, is taking down the outdoor Christmas lights and removing the pine and cedar arrangement with the sparkly fake fruit that’s by the front door. Seriously.

Sigh. How did it get to be April?

With the clock ticking, simple recipes, fresh ingredients and a few well-chosen festive touches will make pulling the proverbial rabbit, er bunny, out of the hat possible.

Here are a few quick and easy tips found on the web, some from the pros, some from those super-fabulous creative lay people who are killing it and one from my lovely daughter who is a blossoming super-fabulous dynamo in her own right (proof that the apple does fall far from the tree).

Easter Nests: Ever so simple, made with chow-mein noodles and chocolate chips, these nests are yummy, no-bake, super-festive and a crowd-pleaser. Recipes abound on line for these babies but the one we’re (actually my daughter) is using is the easiest of all. The crush factor is cranked way up with these cute, morsels of goodness.

Screen Shot 2015-04-04 at 9.17.12 AM

Spring flowers in jars:        This tip has been borrowed from the grand poobah herself, Martha and involves simply placing fresh cut flowers in various sized jars (I used preserving jars) – the staggered heights is key – to create a colourful, country-fresh centerpiece. These arrangements were easy-to-make, inexpensive and look awesome. Check out how Martha has turned a paper bag into a basket for Spring flowers. Pretty cool.


Peeps Cupcakes:   These are my daughter’s creation and they are super-cute, easy and delicious. Use any cupcake recipe, even a mix, though I always make the icing from scratch, and tap into your inner Martha to Easterify these cupcakes. The options truly are endless: adorn them with Cadbury eggs, edible flowers, a Lindt mini bunny or little Peeps (a marshmallow confection)


easterpeepsIMG_1643Bunny Treat Bags:   I so wish I could take credit for these but this comes from one of those super-fabulous creative lay people. Check them out. We have our paperbags and are making them tonight for the eight kids attending our Easter celebration. We’re using pink paper for the interior ear and adding whiskers and a nose from our craft drawer. They are being filled with a medley of treats.  Awesome

Dave Lieberman’s Spiral Ham glaze:     Dial way down the work and pressure to please by having a spiral ham. Pre-cooked and pre-sliced, these hams are beyond easy; all you need to do is warm it in the oven. Hello!  While Ina Garten’s glazed ham recipe is our go-to-glaze for spiral ham, tomorrow I’m trying Dave Lieberman’s recipe which is made exclusively using pantry items. Great reviews, it’s a “make-ahead-of-time’ and maple syrup as a key ingredient are making me excited about this sweet topping.

Good luck with your Easter celebration. Let me know what you did to make your Easter festive and fun – for you too!

By Alison Cook



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