Spreading your gospel: build your blog audience with this killer tip from expert Mitch Joel

With 181 million plus blogs out there, leaving your mark on the blogosphere isn’t easy. Competition abounds and success requires a searing focus – especially at the start – on building your audience.

Fortunately, developing a robust following of committed, even rabid, fans is possible with the help of some tried and true strategies for drawing in the masses, or – at the very least -attracting a few folks who aren’t related to you.

This post is the second in a series of five posts detailing killer tactics for spreading your gospel and includes recommendations from top bloggers like Gini Deitrich of SpinSucks and Mitch Joel of Ctl Alt Delete fame.  Easy to employ, these tips seem destined to kick butt in the form of some serious follower expansion.

Check out my earlier post for the full story as well as tip number one.

  1. Be active in other communities:

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 1.57.17 PM

Social media guru Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation and the blog Ctl Alt Delete has said he would “spend ten times as much time adding value to the five or ten existing communities where my potential members might be hanging out, reading and connecting” as he would creating valuable and relevant content. As he says, doing so provides A-1 exposure to potential new followers while hopefully, drawing them to your site and, better yet, adding them to your readership.

Posting comments that are smart, meaningful and add value is critical; it’s the motivation to visit your blog. For example, to attract new followers an interior design blogger needs to say more than “great bedroom redesign” on another blogger’s site. S/he should offer true value by providing information that matters to readers.  A comment on the lighting with a quick tip on choosing bedroom lighting and a link to a post on bedside lamps would do just that.  It’s valuable information that informs the reader.

To get the biggest bang for your buck so to speak, re-evaluate who you’re following.  Are you following blogs read by your audience or do you need to find blogs better aligned with your followers’ tastes? Choose carefully where you spend your time otherwise your efforts may not hit the mark.  I’m carefully reassessing who I’m following and where I’m spending my time.  I’m quite sure that when the process is complete, there will be new blogs on my radar and – with any luck – new followers on my metrics.

As I mentioned in that earlier post, I am – like you – hoping to increase my modest audience with these killer tactics. I’ll keep you posted on my success.   I hope you do the same.

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