A stay-at-home mom for the last 13 years, Alison is a seasoned home front veteran with an array of experiences from deep in the trenches to draw upon for her first blog. With three children ages 13, 10 and seven; a husband; a dog; a cat; an 87 year-old mom (the world’s first pentagenarian to give birth) and a keen interest in supporting her community, life on Alison’s home front, is – in typical 21st century fashion – super-busy.

Onthehomefront brings together many of Alison’s true loves including; writing; publishing; children; family life; current affairs; and style. Through research, observation and authentic storytelling, Alison’s goal is to craft posts that engage, entertain and resonant while hopefully helping reset the “bar,” which seems to have gotten ridiculously high for all of us.

Living an audaciously typical life in a leafy downtown Toronto neighbourhood, Alison is a newspaper-reading, latte-drinking, movie-going Mom with a weakness for chocolate, glossy magazines and Italian leather. Long on empathy and short on discipline (she was quickly identified by her kids as the easy-to-break, weak-link), she hopes one day to fly without fear and get over her penchant for keeping absolutely everything (maybe that way she won’t lose her car keys so often).

For more information on Alison or Homefront, send an email to alyonhomefront@gmail.com



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