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Spreading your gospel: build your blog audience with this killer tip from expert Mitch Joel

With 181 million plus blogs out there, leaving your mark on the blogosphere isn’t easy. Competition abounds and success requires a searing focus – especially at the start – on building your audience. Fortunately, developing a robust following of committed, … Continue reading

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Best-ever lemon cupcake, the perfect Spring dessert

A petite sweet treat with a huge “awesome!” factor, cupcakes have been having their moment for a few years now. On-trend since Magnolia Bakery in NYC’s West Village turned them into an eye-catching confection – not to mention their star-turn on … Continue reading

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Organizations using social media can learn from Rolling Stone’s recent “journalistic failure”

Three days ago Rolling Stone magazine retracted a story it had published last Fall about a gang rape that allegedly took place on the University of Virginia campus. Its mea culpa was a shocking admission of extreme journalistic negligence on … Continue reading

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Quick and easy last minute tips for an awesome Easter celebration

Are you in a mad panic, like I am, prepping for Easter? Getting organized and crushing these highly anticipated events isn’t always easy. Life’s busy, frantic crazy sic all of the above pace means sometimes these occasions sneak up on … Continue reading

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Spreading your gospel: five killer tips to grow a blog’s audience

Are you looking to leave your mark on the blogosphere while building an audience of die-hard fans? Whether you’re an organization hoping to promote your brand or an individual wanting to connect with like-minded individuals blogging is a great way … Continue reading

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This gritty, positive phrase may help you and your kids climb mountains

While watching the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, my daughter curled up by my side, I came across a little nugget of inspiration in one of the winner’s acceptance speeches. Actress Gina Rodriquez, star of Jane the Virgin, thanked … Continue reading

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My rock-solid(ish) commitment to going gluten and dairy-free

Crap (sorry – no pun intended). I saw a gastroenterologist the other day and received devastating news. OK, maybe not devastating but it’s a huge bummer (sorry again). This brownie-loving, latte-dependent (adult bubbas in my mind), pizza-pasta-cheese enthusiast needs to … Continue reading

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Brand Journalism: write content that rocks with these story-telling fundamentals

Engaging communities and accomplishing goals with first-rate story-telling is the essence of content marketing and brand journalism, two disciplines taking off with social media’s skyrocketing growth. Being able to speak directly to your audience by publishing content and forgoing the often large … Continue reading

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I know Renee, aging isn’t easy

I’m with you Renee. This aging thing isn’t easy. Sags, wrinkles, spots, not to mention crowns (not the kind that come with a palace), glasses, facial hair. I’m not even going to mention night sweats or slowing metabolisms. It’s a tough … Continue reading

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My totally awesome, super-great vacation from making dinner

Something truly awesome happened this past Sunday.  I didn’t make dinner. As a stay at home mom who likes to cook (generally) I make the vast (i.e. 99.999999 per cent) majority of the meals.  But this past Sunday night was … Continue reading

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