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This gritty, positive phrase may help you and your kids climb mountains

While watching the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, my daughter curled up by my side, I came across a little nugget of inspiration in one of the winner’s acceptance speeches. Actress Gina Rodriquez, star of Jane the Virgin, thanked … Continue reading

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My rock-solid(ish) commitment to going gluten and dairy-free

Crap (sorry – no pun intended). I saw a gastroenterologist the other day and received devastating news. OK, maybe not devastating but it’s a huge bummer (sorry again). This brownie-loving, latte-dependent (adult bubbas in my mind), pizza-pasta-cheese enthusiast needs to … Continue reading

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I know Renee, aging isn’t easy

I’m with you Renee. This aging thing isn’t easy. Sags, wrinkles, spots, not to mention crowns (not the kind that come with a palace), glasses, facial hair. I’m not even going to mention night sweats or slowing metabolisms. It’s a tough … Continue reading

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