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This gritty, positive phrase may help you and your kids climb mountains

While watching the Golden Globes a few weeks ago, my daughter curled up by my side, I came across a little nugget of inspiration in one of the winner’s acceptance speeches. Actress Gina Rodriquez, star of Jane the Virgin, thanked … Continue reading

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My totally awesome, super-great vacation from making dinner

Something truly awesome happened this past Sunday.  I didn’t make dinner. As a stay at home mom who likes to cook (generally) I make the vast (i.e. 99.999999 per cent) majority of the meals.  But this past Sunday night was … Continue reading

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Favourite home-made meals and baking, like this yummy banana chocolate chip loaf, provide more than just sustenance

  I just finished baking, for the fourth week in a row, my kids’ favourite banana chocolate chip loaf and as I pulled it out of the oven, I was reminded of a study released last week. It said moms … Continue reading

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Develop your child’s math mind with these fun games and favourite apps

Some people believe you have a math mind or you don’t. Here’s a study that refutes that idea by suggesting your mind’s ability to do math can be improved simply by learning multiplication and addition to the point you know … Continue reading

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Crafts like the “DIY Sharpie mug” ease stress and provide a sense of accomplishment

  A popular outlet for kids and adults, crafting is a healthy activity that provides multiple benefits, from the way it engages an individual’s creativity and imagination to the sense of pride and accomplishment it delivers.  In fact, CNN reported in … Continue reading

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Forget the Tiffany money clip or necklace, the best graduation present is free

William Bernstein’s book, If You Can, equips millennials so they can create a secure retirement Helping kids to become savvy money managers isn’t an easy task, especially if you’re not the best money manager (hem-hem) yourself, but great resources exist to … Continue reading

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